• Minion
    Monitor long running tasks on your Mac.
What is Minion?

Minion is the easiest way to monitor long running tasks on your Mac. Just tell it what to look for and Minion can notify you via SMS, email and push notifcation (Mac and iOS) when the job is done. Examples include:

  • Notify when Terminal has finished a command
  • Notify when After Effects has completed exporting a render
  • Notify when a Torrent has downloaded
  • Notify when a software update is complete
  • Notify when a file transfer is complete
  • For a complete list, visit the about page


Minion works great for...

Movie Exports
Set Minion to notify you when your movie export is complete by monitoring the progress bar or the movie output file.
Animation Renders
Set triggers for multiple renders, and/or set a trigger to monitor the system's CPU. Minion will let you know when the computer has finished the task.
Website Content
Minion can send you Push Notifications to you iOS device when the content on a website page has changed.
Monitoring Apps
With Minion's help, you will be notified when an app has become active, has quit, changed window title and more.